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MCUpdate is a platform that is used to collect statistical data about minecraft servers and their plugins as well as a platform that can be used to reach plugin users when an update is available, actively used by 76 plugins.
Across the world, over 5,866 players have been seen
in the last 30 minutes on 2,282 servers.
The MCUpdate report system has replied to 69,026,125 reports since November 6, 2017
What is MCUpdate
MCUpdate is a server built to receive and respond to requests in order to simplify and informinate plugin developers and users. With MCUpdate a Plugin developer is able to get a wide range of information regarding their user base and use said information to create and modify plugins to better fit your needs. A plugin developer is also able to use MCUpdate to reach plugin users. Say a horrible bug was in a plugin and the developer releases a fix for it, instead of you finding out it exists by experiencing it they can set a message and release an update that operators will see on login, encouraging them to seek out the update on a forum or elsewhere.