The omniscient statistics engine.


Informative Statistics

In ---, Massive has received data from --- server with information from the --- plugin that are actively using the service.

Anyone using this service can view all the data collected from the users of their plugin. This includes the OS version, Java version, processor count, architecture, server location and more!


Constant Innovation

We constantly strive to improve Massive and bring helpful features to the developers using the service.

We listen to our users and will attempt to implement ideas that they have for improving the service. If you scroll to the footer of any page, you can see ways to contact us.


Crisis Management

Never experience the dread of finding a huge bug in your software again!

With Massive, if you discover a horrible bug or glitch in your software you can release a patch and alert all the users of your application. When a notification is received by your plugin, anyone who is OP on that server will be notified of the alert.

Optimize your software for your users with our clean and organized statistics. See the hardware that your code is running on with our gorgeous dashboard and even sell your software on our market.